Quality Stock and Custom Cabinetry

Product Description

Quality Stock and Custom Cabinetry has square-edge tops with backsplashes, laminated surfaces for durability and PVC edges to prevent chipping. Drawers and doors have satin wire pulls and drawers that slide on nylon rollers. Other features include self-closing European-style hinges, integrated kick plates and adjustable shelves. All cabinets shipped fully assembled. Standard colors: dark blue with white accents or platinum gray with white accents. Custom colors and sizes upon request. 

Ordering Information

24 W x 18 D x 36 H in.
1-drawer, 2-door
24 W x 18 D x 36 H in.
2-drawer, 2-door
24 W x 18 D x 36 H in.
Color combination Qty.
S1389-201 S1389-222 S1389-239 White base, white top 1/ea
S1389-200 S1389-219 S1389-238 White base, blue top 1/ea
S1389-202 S1389-218 S1389-240 White base, black top 1/ea
S1389-198 S1389-217 S1389-236 White base, green top 1/ea
S1389-197 S1389-216 S1389-235 White base, rose top 1/ea
S1389-187 S1389-208 S1389-234 Gray base, gray top 1/ea
S1389-195 S1389-221 S1389-224 Gray base, blue top 1/ea
S1389-203 S1389-215 S1389-233 Gray base, black top 1/ea
S1389-199 S1389-214 S1389-232 Gray base, green top 1/ea
S1389-193 S1389-213 S1389-231 Gray base, rose top 1/ea
S1389-204 S1389-212 S1389-237 Oak wood grain base and top 1/ea
S1389-192 S1389-220 S1389-229 Oak wood grain base, black top 1/ea
S1389-191 S1389-211 S1389-228 Oak wood grain base, rose top 1/ea
S1389-190 S1389-206 S1389-223 Almond base, almond top 1/ea
S1389-194 S1389-205 S1389-225 Almond base, blue top 1/ea
S1389-189 S1389-207 S1389-226 Almond base, black top 1/ea
S1389-188 S1389-209 S1389-230 Almond base, oak wood grain top 1/ea
S1389-196 S1389-210 S1389-227 Almond base, rose top 1/ea

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