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General Lab Supplies

Benchtop/Assay Mats and Tray

Three styles are offered to control the spread of a variety of liquid laboratory waste.

pH Indicator Strips

pH Indicator Strips The dyes on these pH indicator strips, in contrast to conventional indicator papers, are substantively bound to the cellulose fibers. As a result, the possibility of the color bleeding, even in strongly basic solutions, is avoided.

Splash Shields

Four sizes of freestanding biohazard shields provide a clear protective 3⁄8 in. barrier between laboratory personnel and biohazardous materials.

Test Tube Dispensers

Two sizes of dispensers are available. One holds a box of 12 x 75mm test tubes and the other holds 16 x 150mm test tubes.

Beta Containers

Safely store reagents that emit beta isotopes, such as H, C, P and S, with beta storage containers.

Flask Holders

Use these flask holders to keep 50mL, 125mL, 250mL and 1L vacuum flasks from moving or tipping.

Tissue Culture Trays

Trays hold tissue culture dishes and flasks during storage, transport or incubation.


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