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Tapered Biohazard/Beta Shields

Product Description

The lower portion of the taper-designed biohazard shield, which is only 12 in. wide, allows more arm flexibility, increased movement and less arm fatigue. The top portion, which is 20 in. wide, provides a barrier between lab personnel and biohazardous materials. Designed to be comfortably used from a standing or sitting position. These shields are clear, free-standing and provide ¼ in. biohazard barrier or 3/8 in. beta shield barrier against potentially hazardous liquids and materials. The units are tapered back at an angle for easy viewing. They also feature a deep, large base that provides storage of test tube racks, pipettes and other accessories. Dimensions: 20½ H x 18 W x 12 in. D.

*This product may not protect against secondary or other (non-beta) sources of radiation. Users should follow all federal, state and local requirements as they pertain to radiation safety and monitoring.

Ordering Information

Cat. No. Description Qty.
S1389-151 Curved beta shield, 3⁄8 in. thick 1/ea
S1389-152 Curved biohazard splash shield, 1⁄4 in. thick 1/ea

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