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Lab Racks

Bloodbank Crossmatch Racks

Process patient blood specimens easily and conveniently with these blood culture racks.

Column Chromatography Racks

These handy acrylic racks are specifically designed for procedures involving small, disposable plastic chromatographic columns.

Cube Container Tipping Device

Place a 2½ or 5-gallon cube container on top of this tilting device and it helps ensure extraction of the last contents of containers without manual lifting and tipping.

Microcentrifuge Tube Racks

Suitable for carrying and storing up to 24 microcentrifuge tubes, these 3⁄8 in.-thick racks help to reduce exposure to beta radiation.

Microtube Racks

Microtube racks conveniently hold six 80-well microtube trays.

Mini LSC Vial Rack and LSC Column Rack

This rack was designed to carry and store twenty 7mL mini LSC vials.

Petri Dish Racks, Dispensers

Stack, store or transport empty or prepared petri dishes.

Pipette Shelf

Organize serological pipettes in this all-white acrylic pipette shelf. Four angled compartments hold and separate a variety of pipettes for easy access.

Single Blood Bag Holders and Multi-trays

These holders keep blood bags upright to help prevent contact with refrigerator shelves. The clear acrylic allows visibility of bag and labels.

Stacking Test Tube Storage Racks

These clear acrylic racks allow for convenient storage of test tubes and provide sufficient space between tubes to let you read the individual tube labels.

Bottle Stations

Many tests involve an array of small reagent containers, vials and dropper bottles.

Mat Pack Dispensers

These acrylic dispensers keep mats organized and within easy reach; holds 35 folded mats.

Micro-Column Racks

Designed specifically to hold up to 20 micro-columns, these racks are large enough to permit convenient handling of columns, yet it is small enough to fit in almost any workspace.

Pasteur Pipettor and Tube Racks

These adjustable racks hold Pasteur pipettes above receiving vessels.

Pipette Bin Station

This pipette bin station holds six pipettors and has two bins for disposable tips.

Pipettor Stations

This line of pipettor stations holds 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 pipettes.

Waste Collection Troughs

Two sizes of troughs are available to collect waste solutions from chromatographic columns for easy disposal.


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