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Slide Incubation Chambers and Slide Holders

Product Description
Many immunoassays require the incubation of slides in a moist atmosphere away from direct sunlight. The slide incubation chambers were designed to perform this function. The large chamber comes with three lift-out trays, each capable of holding up to four standard 25 x 75mm microscope slides. The slide capacity can be expanded to 16 by purchasing an additional slide tray, which conveniently fits in sequence next to the others. A smaller slide incubation chamber is available with one lift-out tray capable of holding three slides. To use, place moist sponges or paper towels in the bottom of the chamber. The smoked acrylic construction repels light and the sloped cover helps prevent condensation from dripping onto the slides. The slide holders are made of solid polyethylene and are excellent for organizing slides in a small space. Each slot is angled 10° to provide maximum drying and visualization of the slide.
Ordering Information
Cat. No. Description (H x W x D) in. Qty.


Slide incubation chamber, small - 2½ x 4 x 5



Slide incubation chamber, large - 3 x 123/8 x 7½



Extra 4-slide tray - 5¼ x 3 x ¾



Slide holder, 2 slots for 8 slides - 1 x 4 x 3



Slide holder, 5 slots for 20 slides - 1 x 4 x 6



Slide holder, 11 slots for 44 slides - 1 x 4 x 11¾



Slide holder, 11 slots for 77 slides - 1 x 7 x 11¾


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