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Accu-Safe Enclosed Chamber Bottle Thermometers

Product Description

ACCU-SAFE thermometers are environmentally friendly spirit filled non-mercury thermometers sealed in a PTEF jacket that contains liquid and glass if breakage occurs and are housed in unbreakable plastic bottles filled with a non-toxic Bio-Safe medium. Economical, precise and reliable means of measuring critical temperatures in blood bank refrigerators, ultra-low freezers, freezers, refrigerators, incubators, ambient/room, block heaters and ovens. Each bottle thermometer have their own unique serial number and are supplied with a NIST traceable certificate.

  • Thermometers in 0.5°C and 1°C divisions
  • Thermometers are fluoropolymer coated for protection
  • Unbreakable bottle filled with Bio-Safe glycol/water bottle medium
  • Space saving magnets for bottles
Ordering Information
Cat. No. Description Range Divisions Bottle Media
T8401-48 Block heater bottle thermometer 18°C to 60°C 0.5°C mineral oil - 1 mL
T8401-85 Block heater bottle thermometer 50°C to 110°C 0.5°C mineral oil - 1 mL
CH0101S Freezer bottle thermometer -30°C to 0°C 0.5°C glycol/water - 30 mL
T8401-4 Freezer bottle thermometer -30°C to 0°C 0.5°C glycol/water - 30 mL
T8401-7 Freezer-ultra-low, bottle thermometer -90°C to 20°C 1°C sand - 60 mL
T8401-3 Incubator bottle thermometer 18°C to 50°C 0.5°C glycol/water - 30 mL
T8401-1 Refrigerator bottle thermometer -5°C to 15°C 0.5°C glycol/water - 30 mL
T8401-6 Refrigerator-blood bank bottle thermometer -5°C to 20°C 0.5°C glycol/water - 250 mL
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