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Screw-Top Microcentrifuge Tubes

Product Description

These sturdy polypropylene screw-top tubes are suitable for vapor-phase liquid nitrogen storage, boiling and autoclaving. Designed to withstand 18,000 to 25,000 x g. Tubes feature external ribs to help you position and lock them into racks and to facilitate single-handed opening and closing. Order tubes and screw caps separately, or choose sterilized tubes, which are supplied with a cap. All tubes and caps have a frosted writing area and are autoclavable. Tubes C1300-82 and -83 are also graduated.

Choose tubes in skirted or conical style, natural or amber color, in 0.5mL, 1.5mL and 2mL sizes. Individual caps are available with or without O-ring and can be pierced for sample removal. Sterilized tubes are natural color and include screw cap with O-ring. 

Ordering Information

0.5mL tubes only

Cat. No. Description Qty.
C1300-72 Skirted, natural 500/pk, 5,000/cs

1.5mL tubes only

Cat. No. Description Qty.
C1300-76 Conical, natural 500/pk, 5,000/cs
C1300-77 Conical, amber 500/pk, 5,000/cs
C1300-78 Skirted, natural 500/pk, 5,000/cs

2mL tubes only

Cat. No. Description Qty.
C1300-80 Conical, natural 500/pk, 5,000/cs
C1300-81 Conical, amber 500/pk, 5,000/cs
C1300-82 Skirted, natural 500/pk, 5,000/cs
C1300-83 Skirted, amber 500/pk, 5,000/cs

Screw caps without O-ring

Cat. No. Description Qty.
C1310-1 Natural 500/pk, 5,000/cs
C1310-2 Blue 500/pk, 5,000/cs
C1310-3 Yellow 500/pk, 5,000/cs
C1310-4 Red 500/pk, 5,000/cs
C1310-11 Mixed 500/pk, 5,000/cs

Screw caps with O-ring

Cat. No. Description Qty.
C1310-12 Natural 500/pk, 5,000/cs
C1310-13 Blue 500/pk, 5,000/cs
C1310-14 Yellow 500/pk, 5,000/cs
C1310-15 Red 500/pk, 5,000/cs
C1310-17 Green 500/pk, 5,000/cs
C1310-18 Orange 500/pk, 5,000/cs
C1310-20 Violet 500/pk, 5,000/cs
C1310-21 Amber 500/pk, 5,000/cs
C1310-22 Mixed   500/pk, 5,000/cs

Skirted sterile tubes with O-ring screw cap

Cat. No. Description Qty.
C1310-24 0.5mL 500/pk, 2,500/cs
C1310-26 1.5mL 500/pk, 2,500/cs
C1310-28 2mL 500/pk, 2,500/cs

Conical sterile tubes with O-ring screw cap

Cat. No. Description Qty.
C1310-25 0.5mL 500/pk, 2,500/cs
C1310-27 1.5mL 500/pk, 2,500/cs
C1310-29 2mL 500/pk, 2,500/cs
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