Medical Laboratory Professionals Week 2017

We visited clinical labs and asked those who we met to fill out a sign completing the thought “Laboratory Professionals…” and take a picture. Watch our new video, and visit our photo gallery to find out what people wrote.

Thank you, medical laboratory professionals.

We asked others to express their gratitude for lab professionals and were delighted with the response. Read their notes of appreciation, below.

"Thanks for all you do. I appreciate you!"

—Regina F.


"Thank you. You are appreciated!"

—Cathy C.
Lab department head


"Laboratory Professionals work hard to provide the best care possible for our patients. Thanks to all my colleagues for the good work they do every day."

—Ann M.
Lab technician


"Thank you for all the work you do in the lab!"

—Debbie S.
Supply chain professional


"I know without the lab, physicians and nurses couldn't do their job."

—Cyndi C.
Lab department head

"Thank you!"

—Tami R.
Lab department head


"I appreciate all the work you do!"

—Mark K.
Supply chain professional


"Thank you to all laboratory professionals, especially all my past coworkers at Coxhealth for all your support and professional care to the patients."

—Bev H.


"Lab professionals ROCK. The unsung heros of healthcare! "

—AmyBeth V.
Lab department head


"Lab professionals rock!! We appreciate our team at Methodist Healthcare at Olive Branch Hospital in MS!"

—Astrid P.

"Happy Lab Professionals week!! "

—Shelly K.
Lab department head


"Thank you for your hard work in the lab!"

—Irene P.
Lab technician


"Are the unsung heroes in the medical community. Behind most diagnosis decisions there are a group of laboratory professionals striving to deliver quality results for each patient. "

—Mitchell M.
Lab department head


"Thank you for all that you do for our patients! We are proud that the work that we do is critical to patient treatment."

—Terri B.
Lab director

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