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Debra Wood

2014 urEssential winner

Histotechnology Program Director and Clinical Assistant Professor Indiana University School of Medicine


Debra Wood Driven by Volunteerism, Passion for Helping Others Succeed in Histology

There are many delights to the story of Debra Wood and why she has been chosen as the 2014 urEssential Award winner. Debra embodies the spirit of the urEssential Award, which recognizes the contributions Laboratorians make every day to provide care for patients. As a champion for the patient and the profession, Debra is highly recognized for her ongoing contributions toward the accomplishments of others.

Shellye Lampkin

Through strong leadership, mentoring and compassion, Shellye Lampkin is essential to the laboratory profession and to the community.

Cynthia Walker

Cynthia Walker's outstanding commitment and service to the profession as well as her devotion to develop others explains why she was selected as a finalist for the urEssential Award.

Kathleen David

Often referred to as a dedicated leader by friends and colleagues, Kathleen David uses her spirit to excel in both the laboratory and the community.

Renee Setina

Innovative, hardworking and very congenial - these are the traits that characterize Renee Setina.