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Dr. Rodney E. Rohde

2015 urEssential Winner

Clinical Laboratory Science Program Chair, Professor, and Associate Dean for Research in the College of Health Professions, Texas State University

Passion for the medical laboratory science profession. Deep-seated desire to help others. Commitment to his students, peers and alumni.

These attributes perfectly describe our 2015 urEssential Award winner, Dr. Rodney E. Rohde. Dr. Rohde's work over many years has helped shape the lives and career paths of many of those who have had the privilege of working with him, while his research and work at the clinical bench have, without doubt, helped patients to live longer, healthier lives.

For these and many other reasons, Dr. Rohde has been named our 2015 urEssential Award winner.

2015 finalists

Dr. Jun Gu

Dr. Jun Gu is Director for the Cytogenetic Technology (CGT) Program and Assistant Professor in the School of Health Professions (SHP) at MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas. He has dedicated himself to the genetic education community and to the advancement of the CGT field.

Ms. Marcia Armstrong

With a career spanning more than four decades, Ms. Marcia Armstrong has worked tirelessly to promote and improve clinical laboratory science.

Dr. Patricia M. Tille

As Director of the Medical Laboratory Science Program and Assistant Professor at South Dakota State University (SDSU), Dr. Patricia M. Tille selflessly devotes herself to the growth of her students, the program and the Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) profession.