Jennifer Dawson

2017 finalists

Dr. Steven Ceulemans

Without a doubt, the twenty-first century clinical laboratory demands the confluence of science, technology and business. Dr. Steven Ceulemans, by training, experience and talent, exemplifies the laboratory professional for these demanding times.

Dr. Belinda Presley

While Belinda Presley has an array of talents and accomplishments in her professional life, her ability to build a quality laboratory program with sound financial performance earns special notice.

Ms. Donna Castellone

The career of Donna Castellone is a remarkable one that spans decades of clinical laboratory science in the hospital setting. The energy and expertise exemplified by her publications and presentations underscore her value to her field.

Dr. Mary Ann McLane

Dr. McLane has had an impact on thousands of students in the clinical laboratory sciences, many of whom now serve in professional leadership positions throughout the U.S. and the world.

Dr. Patricia M. Tille

With a high degree of clinical laboratory acumen and a gift for teaching, Patricia Tille is playing an important role in shaping the future of the science of clinical diagnostics.