I.B.™ Model Blood Serum Filters

Product Description

With Ion-Barrier™ disposable blood serum filters, you can store serum/plasma up to 7 days when it is essential to prevent any exchange of ions with chemistry methodologies*, (up to 4 days with coagulation methodologies*). One-way valve permits a physical gap to be created between the serum/plasma and clot. This action prevents back flow into the primary collection tube. Serum filters P5188-1 and P5189-1 have a flared design that permits direct sampling from 13 or 16mm glass or plastic evacuated tubes.

I.B.™ and Ion-Barrier™ are trademarks of Porex Corporation.

Ordering Information


Cat. No. Description Qty.
P5189-1 15/8 in. L 100/pk
P5189-3 2¾ in. L 100/pk
P5189-4 4 in. L 100/pk


Cat. No. Description Qty.
P5188-1 1½ in. L 100/pk
P5188-2 2¾ in. L 100/pk
P5188-6 4 in. L 100/pk
P5188-8 6 in. L 100/pk


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