Cardinal Health™ Drill Bits

Our drill bits offer multiple drill quick-coupling connections — Mini/Dental, AO Standard/Large, J-Latch—and include color-coding and measurement calibrations.

Product Description

Begin saving on high-quality, standard products based on industry-proven and accepted designs. Cardinal Health™ Drill Bits are designed to perform at the level that physicians and hospitals require. Familiar products made of surgical-grade stainless steel and manufactured in the United States, we ensure that our drill bits are of a high quality and high drilling capability.

It’s simple – Product features you want and need.

  • Multiple drill quick-coupling connections available — Mini/Dental, AO Standard/Large, J-Latch
  • A variety of lengths, diameters and cannulations
  • Includes color-coding and measurement calibrations
  • 2-fluted and 3-fluted drill bits available
  • Drill bits are made in the USA
  • Compliant with industry standards and requirements
  • Made of high-quality surgical instrument grade stainless steel

Let’s make this easy – No change in clinical practice or technique.

Cardinal Health™ Drill Bits allow customers to continue to deliver high-quality patient care with no change in clinical practice or technique. Our drill bits provide dependable performance with a familiar look and design.

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