Safety Needles and Syringes

Our line of manual safety syringes provides you with a single source to meet all your safety technology needs.

Product Description

Safety technology

  • Easy-to-use
  • Single-handed activation system
  • Audible safety feature provides confirmation of sheath activation
  • Sleek, low-profile design offers unobstructed view of needle

Constructed with user safety in mind, The Needle Pro® EDGE™ allows your hand to remain behind the needle at all times – your finger never has to move towards the needle. The sleek, low-profile design of the EDGE™ safety device provides clinicians with an unobstructed view of the needle. Clear line of sight helps clinicians administer injections efficiently, as well as draw medications easily.

Reduction in medication costs

  • “True needle length” with EDGE™ safety technology eliminates the extra dead space introduced by some other designs
  • Fully integrated needle and safety device
  • More efficient utilization of medications means greater cost

Savings for your institution

Other safety devices may add dead space to the needle which means that with every injection you waste valuable medication. When you’re giving thousands of injections a year, dead space adds up to a major cost impact. The design of the EDGE™ safety devices combines the advantages of safety with the efficiency of a conventional needle.

Graduations and color coding

  • Optically clear precision-marked barrels
  • Complete color coding of safety devices
  • Clear, distinctive color coding on packaging

Clinicians need color coding that’s highly visible, even at a distance. Using a proprietary manufacturing process, EDGE™ safety devices are completely embedded with color, which is designed to stand out.

Ordering Information

EDGE™ Safety Devices

Devices Only

Cat. No. Size Color Qty.
ED181-NO 18G x 1 in. Pink 100 ea/bx, 1,000
ED1815-NO 18G x 11/2 in. Pink 101 ea/bx, 1,000
ED191-NO 19G x 1 in. Cream 102 ea/bx, 1,000
ED201-NO 20G x 1 in. Yellow 103 ea/bx, 1,000
ED2015-NO 20G x 11/2 in. Yellow 104 ea/bx, 1,000
ED211-NO 21G x 1 in. Green 105 ea/bx, 1,000
ED2115-NO 21G x 11/2 in. Green 106 ea/bx, 1,000
ED221-NO 22G x 1 in. Black 107 ea/bx, 1,000
ED2215-NO 22G x 11/2 in. Black 108 ea/bx, 1,000
ED231-NO 23G x 1 in. Blue 109 ea/bx, 1,000
ED2315-NO 23G x 11/2 in. Blue 110 ea/bx, 1,000
ED2558-NO 25G x 5/8 in. Orange 111 ea/bx, 1,000
ED251-NO 25G x 1 in. Orange 112 ea/bx, 1,000
ED2515-NO 25G x 11/2 in. Orange 113 ea/bx, 1,000
ED2705-NO 27G x 1/2 in. Gray 114 ea/bx, 1,000
ED27125-NO 27G x 11/4 in. Gray 100 ea/bx, 1,000

Devices with 3mL Luer Lock Syringe

Cat. No. Size Color Qty.
ED3201-CM 20G x 1 in. Yellow 50 ea/bx, 400
ED3211-CM 21G x 1 in. Green 50 ea/bx, 400
ED32115-CM 21G x 11/2 in. Green 50 ea/bx, 400
ED32215-CM 22G x 11/2 in. Black 50 ea/bx, 400
ED3231-CM 23G x 1 in. Blue 50 ea/bx, 400
ED32558-CM 25G x 5/8 in. Orange 50 ea/bx, 400


Luer Lock

Cat. No. Size Qty.
SY35003LL 3mL 100 ea/bx
SY35005LL 5mL 100 ea/bx
SY35010LL 10mL 100 ea/bx
SY35020LL 20mL 100 ea/bx
SY35030LL 30mL 50 ea/bx
SY35060LL 60mL 50 ea/bx

Luer Slip

Cat. No. Size Qty.
SY35001LS 1mL 100 ea/bx
SY35003LS 3mL 100 ea/bx
SY35005LS 5mL 100 ea/bx
SY35010LS 10mL 100 ea/bx
SY35020LS 20mL 100 ea/bx
SY35030LS 30mL 50 ea/bx
SY35060LS 60mL 50 ea/bx

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