Bedside Essentials

Our offering of bedside essentials includes the items you want your patients to keep close at hand.
Product Description

Pitchers and accessories

Our line of pitchers and accessories are ideal for patient bedside or extended care use. Designed for single-handed use and to assist patients who have challenges gripping.


  • Easy-grip handle and flip-top lid securely seals liquids
  • Structural design integrity reduces risk of flexing when pitcher is full of water or ice

Liners and jackets

  • Compatible-sized liners and jackets assist in maintaining the temperature of liquids and reducing condensation


  • Provides patients with easy access to liquids
  • Shatter-proof

Bedside tray

  • Smooth finish for easy cleaning
  • Medicine cups
  • Translucent graduated cup for accurate dispensing of liquid and dry medications

Medicine cups

Translucent graduated cup for accurate dispensing of liquid and dry medications

Bathing aids

For patients needing a modified bath, our bathing aids help make caring for patients’ skin quick and easy.

Denture cups

  • Leak-resistant
  • Snap-on lid provides ample room for patient identification

Wash basin

  • Features overhangs for easy handling and carrying
  • Snap-on soap dish
  • For use with wash basins; ribbed surface

Bath sitz

  • A localized bath used to help relieve discomfort and pain in the perineal area

Perineal bottle

  • Easy-to-open with identification area for contents and patient name
  • Some patients spend a lot of time in one position or in one place. Ideal for use with immobile patients, our line of emesis basins, bedpans and urinals are designed for patient comfort and ease-of-use.

Receptacles for body fluids

Emesis basin

Sturdy construction for easy handling

Conventional bedpan

Durable with side overhangs for easy transport

Fracture bedpan

  • Tapered front for easy placement
  • Plastic guard helps prevent spills


  • Designed to prevent spills
  • Translucent for easy viewing and measuring of contents

Specimen collector pan

  • Features wide flange with reinforcing ridges for strength and stability
  • Molded area for patient name, room number and bed number 
Ordering Information

Pitchers and accessories

Cat. no. Description Qty.
CARAFEGRY 28 oz. pitcher, gray 100EA/CS
CARAFEMAV 28 oz. pitcher, mauve 100EA/CS
JACKETFM Foam jacket 10EA/SL; 20SL/CS
LINERFM Foam liner 20EA/SL; 25SL/CS
LINERPL Plastic liner 25EA/SL; 20SL/CS
TUMBLERGRY 8 oz. tumbler, gray 40EA/SL; 25SL/CS
TUMBLERMAV 8 oz. tumbler, mauve 40EA/SL; 25SL/CS
BEDTRAYGRY 5 x 8 in. bedside tray, gray 200EA/CS
BEDTRAYMAV 5 x 8 in. bedside tray, mauve 200EA/CS
MEASURECLR 32 oz. triangle graduate, clear 10EA/SL; 20SL/CS
MEASUREOPQ 32 oz. triangle graduate opaque 10EA/SL; 20SL/CS
MCUP1 1 oz. medicine cup 100EA/SL; 50SL/CS
MCUP2 2 oz. medicine cup 50EA/SL; 10SL/CS

Bathing aids

Cat. no. Description Qty.
DCUPGRY 8 oz. denture cup, gray 25EA/SL; 10SL/CS
DCUPMAV 8 oz. denture cup, mauve 25EA/SL; 10SL/CS
WBASINGRY 7 qt. wash basin, gray 100EA/CS
WBASINMAV 7 qt. wash basin, mauve 100EA/CS
SDISHGRY Snap-on soap dish, gray-transl 500EA/CS
SDISHMAV Snap-on soap dish, mauve 500EA/CS
BSITZGRY 2000 ml bath sitz, gray 20EA/CS
20338-305A 8 oz. perineal bottle 50EA/CS

Receptacles for body fluids

Cat. no. Description Qty.
EBASINGRY1 500 ml/16 oz. emesis basin, gray 500EA/CS
EBASINMAV1 500 ml/16 oz. emesis basin, mauve 500EA/CS
CBEDPANGRY Conventional bedpan, gray 50EA/CS
CBEDPANMAV Conventional bedpan, mauve 50EA/CS
FBEDPANGRY Fracture bedpan, gray 50EA/CS
FBEDPANMAV Fracture bedpan, mauve 50EA/CS
URINALF Urinal, female 36EA/CS
URINALM Urinal, male 50EA/CS
SPECPAN01 Specimen collector pan 50EA/CS

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