Woman wearing Cardinal Health™ Surgi-Bra® and Surgi-Vest® Breast Support

Surgical Supports

Cardinal Health™ Surgi-Bra® Breast Supports

Cardinal Health™ Surgi-Bra® Breast Supports feature a unique patented design that provides therapeutic breast support from thoracic, mastectomy or other breast surgeries. The soft 96% cotton/4% spandex knit fabric provides a smooth, snug, breathable, lightweight fit that looks natural under clothing while helping to enhance patient confidence. Easy care, machine washable.

Cardinal Health™ Surgi-Vest® Breast Supports

Cardinal Health™ Surgi-Vest® Breast Supports provide firm reinforcement by immobilizing side and breast tissues — minimizing stress on an incision without the use of rigid splints, adhesive tapes or support packs. The supports’ comfortable, breathable cotton knit provides a smooth, snug fit that won’t show under clothing. Made of double-layered knit cotton, machine washable.

Surgi-Bra® and Surgi-Vest® Breast Supports

Cardinal Health provides comfortable surgical bras and vests for post-operative recovery.

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