Disposable Blood Pressure Cuffs

Simple to use.  Convenient, comfortable and affordable.

Product Description

The disposable difference

Choosing Cardinal Health disposable blood pressure cuffs over reusable cuffs may decrease the risk of cross-contamination.

FlexiPort® technology

The FlexiPort® fitting provides a single point of connection between devices and cuffs, making any cuff a one-tube or two-tube cuff.

  • Easy to move patients from room to room, floor to floor and department to department
  • Simply equip all devices with FlexiPort® fittings
  • Assign one cuff to each patient as they enter the hospital and snap the patient’s cuff to the device

True standardization solution

  • Every cuff can be used as a one-tube or two-tube cuff
  • Part numbers are reduced simplifying ordering and inventory
  • Wide variety of cuff sizes available — from Size 1 neonatal through thigh cuffs*
  • Help reduce the risk of cross-contamination
  • Choose from either soft or vinyl fabric

*Note: neonate cuffs are not FlexiPort® compatible


One cuff. One patient. One solution for reducing costs, cross contamination and environmental impact.

  • Uniquely designed for and marked as single patient use:
  • Durable enough to last for an average patient stay
  • Fewer part numbers simplify inventory management
  • EcoCuff™ design reduces materials, making it cost-effective
  • Proper sizing
  • Unique slot fitting system helps ensure patient is receiving the proper sized cuff
  • Four sizes fit over 90 percent of the U.S. patient population over one year old — making it easy to find the proper cuff
  • Meets AAMI standards
  • Designed to reduce cuff materials and the volume of hospital waste
  • Constructed of 100 percent polypropylene materials
  • Does not contain BPA, DEHP or PVC
  • Fewer materials
  • EcoCuff™ weighs 60 percent less than traditional Cardinal Health™ disposable cuffs
  • No tubes or traditional connectors attached to cuff
  • Not individually packaged/bagged

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