Presource® medical kits

Cath lab

Serve patients and reduce costs in your cath lab with Cardinal Health™ cath lab kits, which help ensure consistent, quality procedures, including cardiac catheterization.

Emergency room

Cardinal Health™ custom or standard surgical kits can help your emergency room operate more efficiently.

Nursing floor

Cardinal Health™ personal protective equipment kits help your facility focus on infection prevention and patient care.

Pain Management Kitting Solutions

Full line of standard and custom single-shot pain management kits to meet virtually every procedure requiring pain management in your surgery center.

Vein Ablation Kits

Cardinal Health brings you our full line of standard and custom vein ablation kits to meet virtually every procedural need.

Diagnostic Procedures

Our pain management and diagnostic procedure tray offering is designed to save you time, money and reduce waste, so you can focus on your patients.

GI lab

Help ensure efficiency and convenience in your procedures in the GI lab with endoscopy kits from Cardinal Health.

Operating room

Our custom or standard medical kits can help you ensure a more efficient OR supply chain and improved patient safety and operating room staff safety.


Procedure Based Delivery System (PBDS®) modules are customized medical kits consisting of one or more sterile and non-sterile components.

Women’s health

Women’s health medical kits from Cardinal Health help ensure you receive the high-quality components you need in the convenience of a custom or standard kit for your facility.