Pain Management Kitting Solutions

A Full Line of Standard and Custom Kits.

Product Description

Cardinal Health is happy to bring you our full line of standard and custom single-shot pain management kits to meet virtually every procedure requiring pain management in your surgery center.  We carry a variety of components to meet your needs including:

  • Prep components such as sponge sticks, PVP, CHG and more
  • Needles in a variety of styles and types
  • Syringes in a variety of sizes and tips including LOR syringes
  • Drapes in a variety of sizes and fenestration
  • Drugs such as Lidocaine, Sodium Chloride, Bupivacaine, Epinephrine and more
  • Extension sets in different sizes
  • Gloves in a variety of styles and sizes
  • Towels in both disposable and low lint varieties
  • Skin markers
  • Medicine cups
  • Sharp safety items including needle counters, safety needles or syringes and disposable containers

We have standard kits available, but if they do not meet your needs we are happy to quote a custom kit to meet your requirements. 

Kitting provides the convenience of single-use items needed for the procedure all packaged into one kit and reduces your valuable time spent ordering, receiving, stocking and picking multiple items.