Vein Ablation Kits

How To Buy

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Product Description

Cardinal Health brings you our full line of standard and custom vein ablation kits to meet virtually every procedural need. We give you the convenience of single-use items all packaged together, which reduces time spent ordering, receiving, stocking and picking multiple items.  

We carry a variety of components to meet your needs including:

  • Prep components such as sponge sticks, PVP, and CHG
  • Probe covers and ultrasound gel 
  • Drapes in a variety of sizes and fenestration
  • Drugs such as Lidocaine, Chloraprep, saline, sodium chloride, and PVP scrub
  • Surgical gowns in Large and Extra Large sizes with reinforced and non-reinforced options
  • Towels in both disposable and low lint varieties
  • Prep Resistant Skin markers with rulers
  • Infiltration Tubing with a single spike and two clamps
  • Medication Labels
  • Sharp safety items including needle counters, safety needles or syringes and disposable containers