Use of Cardinal Health™ NPWT on the Mercy Ships floating hospital Africa Mercy

Use of Cardinal Health™ NPWT on the Mercy Ships floating hospital Africa Mercy

Case Study prepared by
Missy Brown, RN, CNOR, RNFA
OR Clinical Supervisor, Africa Mercy
(Toamasina, Madagascar)

Part of the comprehensive wound management of an extensive and infected scalp wound following a full thickness electrical burn.
Case Introduction
The patient had been working on the roof of a building in Madagascar when a live electrical wire came down and contacted him on the top of the head producing an extensive and full thickness burn injury. He was admitted to a local mission hospital on September 1st where sharp debridement was performed to remove devitalized tissue and a tissue flap was placed to cover the exposed bone. Subsequent to the surgery only partial viability of the graft was achieved leading to the development of an extensive area of necrotic tissue and exposed bone which subsequently became infected.

Admission with infected skin grafts

The patient was admitted for evaluation by a wound care nurse and physician on the Africa Mercy, the world’s largest non-governmental floating hospital. He presented with extensive infected wounds on the top of his head, and he was still unable to attain full mobility post electrical injury. The patient was taken to the OR where extensive surgical debridement was performed and the Cardinal Health™ PRO (formerly Quantum®) NPWT device was placed on the large skull skin defect.

The patient remained on the Cardinal Health™ PRO NPWT device for approximately 12 weeks, when the defect had granulated to the depth needed to receive a skin graft. The patient received a skin graft and was discharged after recovery and follow-up review.

The Cardinal Health™ NPWT PRO was shown to be a valuable part of the comprehensive treatment of this burn injury. The use of a portable and easy to use device facilitated the progression of the wound to a stage that could be closed with a skin graft. Portability, simplicity and effectiveness of therapy are vital for patients throughout the world, and especially in this case on the world’s largest non-governmental floating hospital treating the world’s poorest and most in need of quality care.

Cardinal Health™ NPWT PRO placement

Scalp ready for graft placement

Graft take and outcome

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