Skin and Wound Management


Product Description

Cardinal Health™ Hydrocolloid dressings consist of a wound contact layer of hydrocolloids and a semi-permeable, polyurethane film backing.

  • Propriety gelling formulation allows for most of the gel to be removed together with the dressing, resulting in little or no damage to the newly formed tissue
  • Flexible, low-friction film backing reduces skin friction with clothing and patient bedding
  • Moisture-resistance will remain in place during showering


  • Over the counter (OTC): For minor scalds and burns, minor cuts, lacerations and minor abrasions
  • Under supervision of a healthcare professional: May be used for the management of light to moderately exuding partial and full thickness wounds including:

- Pressure ulcers
- Donor sites
- Dermatological excisions
- Diabetic ulcers
- Second-degree burns
- Surgical wounds (post-operative left to heal by secondary intent)
- Leg ulcers (venous stasis ulcers, arterial ulcers, and leg ulcers of mixed etiology)
- Traumatic wounds (ie. skin tears and secondary healing wounds)


Third-degree burns or on individuals who are sensitive to or who have had an allergic reaction to the dressing or its components.

Ordering Information

HC22 Hydrocolloid 2 x 2 in. 10 ea/bx, 20 bx/cs, 200 ea/cs
HC44 Hydrocolloid 4 x 4 in. 10 ea/bx, 20 bx/cs, 200 ea/cs
HC66 Hydrocolloid 6 x 6 in. 5 ea/bx, 16 bx/cs, 80 ea/cs
HC88 Hydrocolloid 8 x 8 in. 5 ea/bx, 16 bx/cs, 80 ea/cs
HCOVAL Hydrocolloid 4 x 4.75 in. oval 10 ea/bx, 20 bx/cs, 200 ea/cs
HCTRI Hydrocolloid 6 x 7 in. triangle 5 ea/bx, 16 bx/cs, 80 ea/cs


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