Skin and Wound Management

Elastic Bandages with Self-Closure

Designed to meet the varying needs of patients and healthcare professional, Cardinal Health™ Elastic Bandages deliver consistent stretch, compression and support.
Product Description
  • Ideal for low compression
  • Easy-to-use self- closure at both ends
  • Knit design offers strength, comfort and breathability
  • Cotton/poly blend yarn offers excellent elasticity and fit
  • Bandage ends are color coded by width for easy visual identification
  • Individually wrapped; sterile bandages are provided in a peel-pouch
  • Not made with natural latex rubber; sterile and non-sterile

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Ordering Information
Material No Size Sterile vs Non-Sterile
23593940LF 4 in. x 15 yd Non-sterile
23593960LF 6 in. x 15 yd Non-sterile
23593-02LF 2 in. x 5.8 yd Non-sterile
23593-03LF 3 in. x 5.8 yd Non-sterile
23593-04LF 4 in. x 5.8 yd Non-sterile
23593-06LF 6 in. x 5.8 yd Non-sterile
23593-12LF 2 in. x 5.8 yd Sterile
23593-13LF 3 in. x 5.8 yd Sterile
23593-14LF 4 in. x 5.8 yd Sterile
23593-16LF 6 in. x 5.8 yd Sterile

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