Skin and Wound Management

Cardinal Health™ Incontinence

Cardinal Health™ Incontinence


Available in an array of sizes and absorbencies our briefs feature a dual core and refastenable tabs for easy patient fit.

Premium Stretchable Knit Pants

Designed to be discreet and eliminate uncomfortable seams these soft knit products put patient dignity first.

Standard Underpads

A selection of different sizes and absorbencies are available to meet all of your standard underpad needs.


Available in an array of sizes and absorbencies our underwear feature a dual core and are designed to be pulled on and off just like a regular pair of underwear.

Insert Pads

Available in different sizes and absorbencies to meet all your patient needs.

Premium Underpads

Strong breathable backsheet technology with a super absorbent core that wicks moisture away from the patients skin. Available in Repositioning, Maximum, and Extra absorbencies.

Stretchable Mesh Pants

Our Mesh Pants are discreet and comfortable and offer a low cost alternative to premium knit pants.

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