Skin and Wound Management

Cardinal Health™ NPWT PRO Family

Cardinal Health has developed a NPWT device portfolio specifically targeted to the needs of the different care settings. Cardinal HealthTM  NPWT PRO is designed for the acute and skilled nursing care settings, PRO to GO is designed for transition or discharge care, and PRO at HOME is designed for home use. Each device has a similar design and user interface helping to provide a consistent experience across the continuum of care for both care giver and patient.

Product Description

Cardinal Health™ NPWT PRO With flexible economic options for the acute setting.

Cardinal Health™ NPWT PRO to GO Single patient use device that can be discharged home with the patient.

Cardinal Health™ NPWT PRO at HOME Same small, discreet device will be familiar to the patient at home and easy to use for the home healthcare professional.

The Cardinal Health PRO Family offers the following features:

  • Small, lightweight device (15 Oz) for patient mobility
  • Quiet operation for patient discretion
  • Easy to operate with a simple, intuitive design
  • Uses same foam dressing kits and accessories for all Cardinal Health™ NPWT devices
  • Same family of devices from hospital to home to promote familiarity in all care settings
1 Average score of 90.6 +/- 6.5 using 33 participants (n=17 Healthcare Professionals with experience treating wounds in a home or outpatient setting and n=16 lay users as simulated patients) following the validated System Usability Scale
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PRO, PRO to GO & PRO at HOME Clinician user manual - EnglishEspañol

PRO, PRO to GO & PRO at HOME Patient user manual - EnglishEspañol

PRO / PRO to GO / PRO at HOME Clinician Quick Reference Guide - EnglishEspañol

PRO / PRO to GO / PRO at HOME Patient Quick Reference Guide - EnglishEspañol


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