Skin and Wound Management

NPWT Disposables and Accessories

Our dressing kits and accessories are compatible across Cardinal health NPWT devices, we have you covered no matter what option you choose.
Product Description

Therapy Dressings

Everything you need to deliver NPWT to the wound.

Black foam kits — open cell, reticulated, hydrophobic, foam. Small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes to handle a wide range of wound types and sizes. Kits also include transparent drapes and SpeedConnect™ tubing.

White foam — hydrophilic, high density, smaller pore size, flexible wet or dry.


300 and 500ml Canisters interchangeable with both SVED and all PRO family NPWT devices.

Robust, impact resistant with filters to help prevent leaks and control odor.


A wide variety of standard accessories to help you provide care, including:

  • Bridging Set
  • Y-Connector
  • SpeedConnect™ tubing set
  • Irrigation delivery set*
  • SensiSkin™ drape for sensitive skin
  • IV Pole adaptors
  • Carry cases


Ordering Information
Part Number Cardinal Health Brand Name
47-1700 Black Foam Dressing Kit - LARGE
47-1701 Black Foam Dressing Kit - MEDIUM
47-1702 Black Foam Dressing Kit - SMALL
47-1703 Black Foam Dressing Kit - XL
47-1704 Bridging Kit
47-1751 White Foam Dressing
47-1775 Large White Foam Dressing
47-2000 SpeedConnect™ Tubing
47-2500 Y Connector
47-4000 300cc Canister With Gel
47-4500 500cc Canister With Gel
47-5600 PRO Family IV Pole Holder
47-6000 Irrigation Tubing With SpeedConnect™
47-7000 Polyurethane Drape
47-7100 SensiSkin™ Drape
47-9000 SVED® Power Adapter
47-9100 PRO Family Power Supply
47-9500 SVED®  Carry Case
47-9600 PRO Family Carry Case
47-1700/15 Black Foam Dressing Kit - LARGE
47-1701/15 Black Foam Dressing Kit - MEDIUM
47-1702/15 Black Foam Dressing Kit - SMALL
47-4100 300cc Canister Without Gel
47-6500 Simultaneous Irrigation Delivery Kit

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