NPWT Disposables and Accessories

Our dressing kits and accessories are compatible across all Cardinal Health™ NPWT devices. We have you covered no matter what option you choose.

Product Description

Everything you need to deliver NPWT.


  • Black foam kits
    • Open cell, reticulated, hydrophobic, foam.
    • Small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes to handle a wide range of wound types and sizes.
    • Kits also include transparent drapes and SpeedConnect™ tubing.
  • White foam
    • Hydrophilic, high density, smaller pore size, flexible wet or dry.
    • Available in standard and large sizes. 


300cc and 500cc canisters that are interchangeable with both SVED® and PRO family NPWT devices.

  • Designed to be robust and impact resistant.
  • Includes filters to help prevent leaks and control odor.


A wide variety of standard accessories to help you provide care, including:

  • Bridging Set
  • Y-Connector
  • SpeedConnect™ tubing set
  • Irrigation delivery set
  • SensiSkin™ drape for sensitive skin
  • IV Pole adaptors
  • Carry cases

Ordering Information

Part Number Cardinal Health Brand Name
47-1702 Black Foam Dressing Kit - SMALL
47-1701 Black Foam Dressing Kit - MEDIUM
47-1700 Black Foam Dressing Kit - LARGE
47-1703 Black Foam Dressing Kit - XL
47-1702/15 Black Foam Dressing Kit - SMALL
47-1701/15 Black Foam Dressing Kit - MEDIUM
47-1700/15 Black Foam Dressing Kit - LARGE
47-1751 White Foam Dressing
47-1755 Large White Foam Dressing
47-4000 300cc Canister With Gel
47-4100 300cc Canister Without Gel
47-4500 500cc Canister With Gel
47-7000 Polyurethane Drape
47-7100 SensiSkin™ Drape
47-6500 Simultaneous Irrigation Delivery Kit
47-6000 Irrigation Tubing With SpeedConnect™
47-2000 SpeedConnect™ Tubing
47-2500 Y Connector
47-1704 Bridging Kit
47-9000 SVED® Power Adapter
47-9500 SVED®  Carry Case
47-9100 PRO Family Power Supply
47-9600 PRO Family Carry Case
47-5600 PRO Family IV Pole Holder

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