Skin and Wound Management

Cardinal Health™ Surgical Wound Closure

Cardinal Health™ Surgical Wound Closure

Why Cardinal Health for topical skin adhesive?

LiquiBand® OCTYL Topical Skin Adhesive

The newest addition to the Cardinal Health™ LiquiBand® Family of topical skin adhesives includes a high-strength 2-octyl cyanoacrylate formula in the signature LiquiBand® Winged Applicator. This combination creates an intuitive platform for effective wound closure.

Resources for surgical wound closure

Get informed about recent innovations and best practices in surgical wound closure.

LiquiBand® Butyl Topical Skin Adhesive

Cardinal Health™ LiquiBand® Butyl combines a fast setting n-butyl adhesive with two uniquely designed applicators, resulting in fast, safe, strong and secure topical skin closure.

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