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Syntrac™ Integration Tools

The SyntracTM  Integration Tools application is designed to help imaging centers and nuclear medicine facilities be confident that compliance needs are met and provide reliable data to help make effective decisions.

Learn how Syntrac™ Integration Tools can benefit your facility:


With Syntrac™ Integration Tools you can rise to the challenge of higher transparency and accountability, while being confident the application will help you maintain regulatory compliance with state and federal regulations and accrediting agency requirements.


Let Syntrac™ Integration Tools automate the things that don’t need the human touch, so you can focus on those that do. Increase your efficiency with an easy-to-use interface, and indispensable features such as Web Ordering integration, alerts and reminders, patient scheduling, inventory management, health physics and many more.

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Enhance collaboration in your department with robust reporting and sharing capabilities that help you make better decisions. Seamless integration with Web Ordering and other Health Information Systems (HIS) can help reduce duplicate data entry and errors that occur from manually entering information in the database.


From onsite installation and training to get you started to ongoing support and training materials to keep you up to date with the latest improvements, you can count on Cardinal Health to always provide you with reliable and responsive service.

Ready to get started?

Your dedicated Sales Consultant and Product Implementation Engineer will provide you with resources, such as product demos and overviews, to help you understand how Syntrac™ Integration Tools may fit in your department.

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Frequently asked questions

SyntracTM  Integration Tools is a software application designed to help nuclear medicine facilities and imaging centers be confident that compliance needs are met and provide reliable data to help make effective decisions. With the new tabbed interface and intuitive design, users can easily compile, analyze and share patient, procedure and medication usage information to facilitate collaboration.

SyntracTM Integration Tools is an effective tool to help ensure the nuclear medicine department is compliant with all RAM license, Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), state, and applicable accreditation requirements.

As a centralized, electronic repository for required compliance data (i.e. patient dosing, waste disposal, Health Physics requirements), necessary regulatory compliance documentation is easily compiled to facilitate upcoming inspections.

Integration with Web Ordering reduces the need to enter patient and prescription information multiple times, which helps reduce data-entry errors and increase efficiency.

Orders placed through SyntracTM Integration Tools can be managed by accessing the Web Ordering site from any computer with an Internet browser or from a smartphone.

Yes, SyntracTM Integration Tools can be adapted to meet a facility's unique needs whether it is to be used in one or many departments in the same facility or within multiple facilities or locations.

With over 70 process-specific preferences SyntracTM Integration Tools can be customized to meet your facility's workflow and process needs.

Patient radiation exposure is a key concern in healthcare today. SyntracTM Integration Tools can calculate patient radiation exposure so it can be documented in the patient record.
The dosimetry report in SyntracTM Integration Tools documents the amount of radiation exposure a patient receives throughout the course of treatment, and over a period of time.

  • Efficiency is key to any operation. Through its integration capabilities, SyntracTM Integration Tools helps drive increased efficiency so you can put more focus on delivering quality patient care.
  • Through its powerful tracking codes and standard and custom reporting capabilities, SyntracTM Integration Tools provides reliable data to assist in collaborative planning and effective decision making. For example, SyntracTMIntegration Tools can help:
    • Track drug, resource and staffing utilization to provide actionable data to assist in the budgeting process.
    • Identify and track referring physician activity to discover additional opportunities to market your facility.
    • Identify and address issues, such as patient cancellations.
    • Optimize staff and equipment resource utilization.
  • Track trends of interest to your facility, such as returned doses.

SyntracTM Integration Tools can help:

o    Increase your efficiency while reducing errors.

o    Ensure necessary regulatory requirements are met.

o    Build your practice.

o    Provide actionable data for better decision making.

o    Increase collaborative decision-making throughout your facility.

In addition, we offer onsite and ongoing training opportunities to help ensure your facility is using the application to its fullest capability.

The comprehensive 4 hour training addresses most of the major areas of the application, plus additional functionality to help you get the most out of the application.

Continuing education courses are available for SyntracTM Integration Tools customers on the Cardinal Health CE Solutions site.

There are a number of installation packages available. Cost varies based on your installation and licensing needs. Please consult with your local Cardinal Health sales representative for pricing information.

Cardinal Health Product Implementation Engineers are available for onsite or offsite installation, training and troubleshooting.

Phone-based helpdesk support is available to assist with questions Monday through Friday, from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., EST.

Frequently asked questions

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