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Iodine I-131 sodium iodide

Because your patients are counting on you, count on Cardinal Health to safely deliver your FDA-approved I-131 therapy capsules.


Patented Piglet® Delivery System and Piglet® 2 Delivery System designed to help maximize your safety.

  • Tungsten shielding helps you keep radiation exposure ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable)
  • Piglet™ Sling and Piglet™ Popper Tool reduce radiation exposure between you and the point of patient administration
  • Threaded lid assures safe containment of dosages
  • Activated charcoal ring reduces the chance of any minute amounts of vapor release
  • All patient dosages ship Yellow Bar II


Using non FDA-approved radiopharmaceuticals may potentially place you and your facility at risk of:

  • Issues concerning drug efficacy and safety
  • Exceeding your personal scope of practice based on use of unapproved drugs
  • Negative impact to your institution’s accreditation
  • Reimbursement issues
  • Impact to patient safety

    Copy of all FDA-approved radiopharmaceuticals


What it means to you and your patients:

  • Up to 200 mCi/capsule resulting in fewer capsules per patient therapy
  • Exact prescribed activity per patient
  • Easy to swallow, smaller capsules
  • I-131 patient education brochures available in English and Spanish
  • Same day availability
  • Diagnose and provide therapy on the same day
  • Customizable delivery schedules
  • Product delivered directly to your department

Order I-131 therapy capsules

Contact your sales consultant or your local Cardinal Health pharmacist to ask questions or to purchase I-131 therapy capsules.

Important information

SNMMI Practice Guideline for Therapy of Thyroid Disease  recommends using FDA-approved radiopharmaceuticals (see page 15).
Radiation exposure rates comparison

Not all therepeutic I-131 shields are equal

Guide for patients receiving radioiodine treatment

105KB – PDF

Guide for patients receiving radioiodine treatment (Spanish)

184KB – PDF