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Minimize unnecessary radiation exposure

We know your responsibilities often go beyond your nuclear medicine department’s walls. To help minimize radiation exposure, we offer a variety of syringe shields and an innovative delivery system for Iodine I-131 NaI.

Tungsten syringe shields for SPECT imaging

SECURE® Syringe Shield

Overlapping tungsten doors provide more optimal shielding.

  • Reduces the risk of radiation exposure and blood contamination
  • Allows uncapped used syringes to fall directly into a waste container
  • Easy viewing window

Lifetime™ Syringe Shield

No lead glass window to crack or fog, just solid tungsten.

  • Fully exposed needle hub allows you to visually check for correct venous insertion prior to injection
  • Permits the use of three-way stopcocks
  • Twist grip
  • Unique serial numbers can be assigned to staff members

SafeTview™ Syringe Shield

A syringe shield with a view. Window is reset into offset solid tungsten barrel to help prevent shine-through that may occur with other designs.

  • 9mm thick glass
  • Twist grip
  • Easy viewing window
  • Permits the use of three-way stopcocks

Iodine 131 NaI Safety

Piglet® Delivery System and Piglet® 2 Delivery System

World’s first solid tungsten delivery system for I-131 NaI thyroid doses.  Compact yet effective.

  • Piglet® Delivery System: Safely shields high-activity doses (up to 400mCi) yet only weighs 4.46kg
  • Piglet® 2 Delivery System: Safely shields doses (up to 100mCi) yet only weighs 2.75kg
  • Threaded lid assures safe containment of dosages
  • Internal activated charcoal protects you from harmful vapors

Piglet™ Popper Tool

Stainless steel remote handling tool designed to remove and replace the snap cap lid within the different delivery systems.

  • Reduces your exposure

Piglet™ Sling and Piglet™ 2 Sling

These simple but effective slings allow you to put distance between you and the dose when carrying it to the point of patient administration.

Protect yourself from radiation exposure

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Radioactive spill? Find out what to report.

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Need documentation for traveling patients?

The Nuclear Medicine Patient Card offers your patients peace of mind after they undergo studies at your facility.

The personalized card provides the patient a proof source that they have recently undergone a nuclear medicine procedure should a stop occur at airports, highways or other locations. Contact your local Cardinal Health pharmacy or sales consultant for more information.