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Safetrac™ Radiopharmaceutical Barcoding

Raising the bar in radiopharmaceutical tracking. The industry’s only complete radiopharmaceutical tracking system: from beginning to bedside.

What is the Safetrac™ Barcoding System?

Barcode technology is one of the most important components in safely tracking medications and verifying a patient’s five rights before administration: right patient, right drug, right dose, right route and right time. But some medications – such as unit-dose radiopharmaceuticals – are exempt from the FDA’s barcoding requirements, creating a potential gap in the tracking process and opening the door to patient dosing errors.

Until now. The Cardinal Health™ Safetrac™ Barcoding System is the industry’s first and only system that tracks radiopharmaceuticals from beginning to bedside, with no gaps in tracking.

How does the Safetrac™ Barcoding System work?

Every radiopharmaceutical dose is tracked when ordered, prepared, shipped, delivered and administered at the point of care by integrating with your nuclear medicine EHR system. Bacode technology verfies the patient’s five rights: right patient, rtight drug, right dose, right route, right time and reduces the number of crucial points for human error. Follow the dose from beginning to bedside.

Learn more about how integrated barcode technology is helping to improve patient safety.

Why do something? Why now?

Discover why your nuclear medicine department should take advantage of radiopharmaceutical barcode tracking today.

Seeing zero

See how Sanford Health is striving to eliminate radiopharmaceutical dosing errors.


The Safetrac™ Barcoding System is a key component of the Beginning to Bedside Patient Safety Solution.

Our end-to-end solution includes Syntrac Integration Tools with HL7 integration-and proprietary pharmacy operating system, Isotrac. When integrated with your nuclear medicine department EHR system, you can care for your patient safely while increasing efficiency and productivity.

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