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Clinical Consulting

Our industry-leading subject matter experts provide clinical consulting for antibiotic stewardship and drug cost control strategies. 

Our experts focus on helping hospitals improve outcomes, reduce inappropriate antibiotic usage, and improve patient safety, all while improving patient satisfaction and driving medication cost savings.

We can tailor our engagement based on a hospital's specific needs, with special focus on training programs, data monitoring, and implementation of clinical programs.

Antimicrobial Stewardship Service

Our Antibiotic Stewardship Service Improves patient outcomes, quality of care, and achieves cost savings.

Drug Cost Control Solution

Our Drug Cost Control Solution improves patient outcomes, quality of care, and achieves cost savings.

IV fluids hanging

Let’s get clinical!

Best practices for determining appropriate hang time for IV fluids

Healthcare professional with gloves administering IV fluid

Improving safety for 8 high-risk medications

Some medications carry a higher risk of causing death or serious injury to patients than others. Every hospital or health network should identify its high-alert medications and implement processes to reduce the risk of errors for each.