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Drug Cost Control Solution

Through our Drug Cost Control Solution, realize substantial savings opportunities as well as improved patient outcomes from utilization-focused initiatives

Many hospitals focus on the price, versus the utilization, of drugs in cost control initiatives.  Leveraging utilization data to drive cost savings requires resources and support – and often hospital pharmacies are already overtaxed in their responsibilities. In fact, data1 shows that when pharmacies are on patient floors and working with physicians, they are better able to improve patient care, implement clinical programs, improve patient satisfaction scores and increase drug cost savings. Yet the pharmacy needs resources and support in order to be fully deployed on patient care floors.

Our Drug Cost Control Solution is a systematic approach that helps reduce drug costs for hospitals by focusing on both price and utilization. We support the pharmacy by providing both clinical pharmacist subject matter experts and a proprietary analytics tool to rapidly identify top medication cost drivers. Once cost drivers are identified, we bring the expertise and resources to help the pharmacy implement savings initiatives. As a result, we are able to realize substantial savings opportunities as well as improved outcomes from utilization-focused initiatives. In addition, we provide the resources and support to enable the pharmacy to implement clinical initiatives and to be deployed on patient floors and collaborate with physicians.

1Source: Pharmacotherapy 2008:28(11)

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