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340B Consulting

340B Services

Do you find 340B to be cumbersome and complicated? Have you feared inadvertantly falling out of compliance for not accruing properly or qualifying an ineligible prescription in your contract pharmacy?  Have you spent countless hours pouring through reports to find ways to minimze your WAC spend?  If any or all of these are true, you’re not alone…and Cardinal Health can help.

Empowering you

We understand that your 340B program is unique in its goals, complexity and resources. Our vast experience enables us to provide customized strategies specific to your program. Designed to empower your role and minimize complex processes, our services will equip you and your staff with tools to reduce barriers and complexity, overcome pain points and strengthen confidence in your optimized and audit ready 340B program, so that you can focus on what matters most – the patient. Our capabilities include:

  • Policy and procedure development
  • Program implementation
  • Savings analysis
  • Remote and onsite staffing models
  • Internal integrity efforts including steering committee, best practices and self-audit program development
  • External independent program audit

Top to bottom; Side by Side. Methodology that meets all recommended guidance

Before we propose strategy, we dive into the details that make your 340B program unique. The hurdles you face. The resources you have. And of course, the employees you need to empower. It’s a process that runs deep, but also fast—because the sooner your business sees results, the sooner your patients do, too.

Cardinal Health 340B Compliance Assessment was developed to support your ability to meet HRSA’s program integrity expectations that you not only demonstrate a robust self-audit program, but that you also engage in an annual independent external audit.  Our mock-audit is based on first-hand experience with HRSA and Bizzell Group audits, as well as regular review and incorporation of HRSA and Apexus guidance and best practices. We will not only provide a clear illustration of the state of your facility’s 340B program but we will also:

  • Deliver the same experience as a HRSA or Bizzell Group audit
  • Apply conservative interpretation of guidance
  • Identify gaps and recommend corrective action complete with resources and next steps
  • Counsel your staff at every step empowering them to be HRSA audit ready

The Cardinal Health difference. Unparalleled experience, working for you.

Cardinal Health has been supporting and managing hospital pharmacies for nearly 45 years, including those belonging to 340B covered entities.  Benefits of this experience include:

  • Live, onsite HRSA audit experience
  • HRSA named “best practice” sites
  • Implementation of numerous 340B outpatient pharmacy and contract pharmacy programs
  • Supply chain leader: experience serving hundreds of covered entities and thousands of contract pharmacies
  • Close relationships with all key stakeholders including manufacturers, Apexus, GPOs, technology firms, 340B Health and more.

This unique scale and scope of interaction ensures that we have a comprehensive view the 340B program and it’s ever evolving requirements.


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