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340B Consulting

340B Services

The 340B program affects everything, from people, the government and pharmaceutical manufacturers, to hospitals, health plans and patients. Navigating it and maintaining the correct documentation can be challenging — and the penalties for non-compliance are high.

Well versed in 340B, our 340B Consulting serviceexperts work with you to helps to evaluate, implement and ensure compliance for your onsite or contract pharmacy through compliance assessments or 340B consulting engagements tailored to your needs.

Compliance Assessment

HRSA plans to double the number of 340B audits in 2015, making it much more likely your 340B program could come under scrutiny. Veterans of the audit experience, our experts 340B Consulting service can determine just how well your program complies. Then we’ll work with you to create a plan to fix any gaps.

Our assessment:

  • Delivers the same experience as an HRSA audit
  • Audits your in-house pharmacy, child sites, outpatient pharmacy and/or contract pharmacies
  • Checks your CE eligibility, patient eligibility, duplicated discount prevention procedures, HRSA database accuracy, GPO prohibition process, contract pharmacy practices
  • Identifies gaps and creates a plan of action to fix them

Risks for 340B non-compliance

  • Liable to manufacturers for the price difference
  • Civil monetary penalties (for intentional diversion)
  • Expelled from 340B program


We manage 151 hospital acute and outpatient pharmacies, have conducted 35 outpatient assessments and our subject matter experts supported 7 HRSA audits.


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Pharmacy eAssessment

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