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Offsite or Contract Pharmacy

340B Services

Working with contract or specialty pharmacies can both greatly improve the reach of your 340B program and gain you strategic allies for health in your community. Contract pharmacies allow patients to fill prescriptions at locations and times more convenient to them, while helping you increase your 340B capture of both first fill and refill prescriptions.

This also encourages patient treatment adherence by not only making refills more convenient, but by extending 340B savings to patients at the retail or mail order pharmacy. The contract pharmacy dispenses and delivers the medications, but you purchase them on behalf of eligible patients.

Seamless implementation

The implementation team at Cardinal Health has extensive experience with the processes and procedures required to comply with the 340B program. They will serve as your project lead, managing the paperwork, handling technical coordination and testing the system. This allows you to add contract pharmacies to your program without adding additional internal administrative staff.

Leveraging established relationships

As the largest 340B distributor in the country, Cardinal Health has relationships with an extensive network of pharmacies. From retail independents with close community ties to chains that offer a multitude of locations, we work with the pharmacies that reach your patients.

We also work with all the major software partners, and can put our experience with them to work for you. We understand their systems and know how best to integrate them with yours. These relationships include a preferred partner relationship with Sentry Data Systems.


It can be difficult to capture 340B savings on specialty drug prescriptions. We know capturing these can enhance your program, so Cardinal Health is working with Wellpartner to offer a 340B program just for specialty drugs.

Designed to work side-by-side with other 340B programs, AccessConvergence™ will compliment your outpatient or other contract pharmacy programs.

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Commercial 340B split-billing partner

340B Compliance Assessment

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