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Drug Cost Control Solution

Through our Drug Cost Control Solution, achieve average cost savings of 3% to 5% of annual drug cost spend and improve patient outcomes.

Achieve cost savings and improve patient outcomes.

We help hospitals achieve drug cost savings by focusing on both price and utilization, providing resources and expertise to implement clinical s cost savings initiatives. Our proprietary, web-based technology rapidly identifies top drug cost drivers, benchmarks drug cost and utilization and tracks data in real time to monitor progress.

Once cost savings opportunities are identified, we collaborate closely with the medical care teams to prioritize initiatives and then dedicate onsite and offsite resources to implement them.

Our disciplined scorecard methodology measures cost savings and helps sustain results.

About our experts

We believe that enabling health systems to achieve their visions sometimes requires rethinking traditional approaches.

Our subject matter experts leverage over 45 years of experience in change management within clinical settings and best practice insights to help implement and achieve clinical and drug cost savings initiatives. 

How we can help

From community hospitals to large health systems, we customize business solutions to reach targeted cost savings. To learn more about drug cost savings opportunities at your hospital, contact us today.

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