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Drug Cost Opportunity Analytics

Making your data work for you-faster

Empower your pharmacy to use  your data to its full potential. Rapidly identify top medication, utilization and benchmark performance to quickly and effectively access insights into both drug purchases and utilization.

By utilizing a real-time, web-based dashboard, your pharmacy leaders will have an easily accessible tool to analyze and report out on pharmacy-centric metrics. With a dynamic drill-down menu, data can be segregated by therapeutic group, class, physician, drug and more. Easily compare data to prior fiscal years and benchmark your data with a large pool of hospital data.

With this information, your hospital pharmacy will have actionable insights to effectively drive cost reductions by analyzing prescribing patterns and better manage your drug expense.

Key Features

  • On-demand dashboard and reports
  • Automated performance metrics
  • Accurate drug cost data, including acquisition cost of the drug
  • Pharmacy-centric metrics and reporting
  • Color-coded graphics and alerts
  • Benchmarking with like-kind hospitals or health systems

Purchasing Data

Our solution aggregates and consolidates your disparate data and will provide you with insights on top drug cost dirvers and trends. This information can be drilled down by therapeutic group, class, drug or NDC to provide you will actionable data.


Your pharmacy’s invoice cost is applied to all drug doses used/billed. Like purchase data, this information can be trended or compared to benchmark hospitals or hospitals within your own system. In addition, it automatically identifies top drugs within a Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) and/or by physician. DRG analysis can be done at the DRG level or by grouping (example: COPD). By identifying hospitals within a system with the lowest cost per case, pharmacy leaders can identify best practice patterns and create guidelines to reduce costs in their hospitals with higher than average costs per case. 


Health systems can compare member hospital's performance amongst the system, or with more than 250 other similar facilities, based on census, acuity and teaching status. Our Drug Cost Opportunity Analytics program provides a dashboard of performance metrics that easily identify areas requiring attention, with customizable alerts based on user preference, and medication cost benchmarking capabilities to the DRG level as well as drill-down capabilities to the National Drug Code (NDC) and physician levels.

Antibiotic Usage

Antibiotic use data is available by defined-daily-dose or days-of-therapy.  Data provided may be used to support an antimicrobial stewardship program. Key data elements are trending, benchmark comparison, IV-to-oral use, bug-vs-drug comparison. For more information about our antimicrobial stewardship program, click here.

Five ways

to make benchmarks work at hospital pharmacies

Learn how benchmarking can provide actionable data to reduce costs.