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Drug Cost Opportunity Analytics

Rapidly identify top medication drivers and benchmark performance, and track antibiotic usage and susceptibility. 

The Drug Cost Opportunity Analytics is a web-based dashboard that enables pharmacy leaders to rapidly identify top medication cost drivers and trends, as well as benchmark performance – with drill-down capabilities to the physician level.

Health systems can compare member hospital's performance amongst the system, or with other similar facilities, based on census, acuity and teaching status. Our Drug Cost Opportunity Analytics program provides a dashboard of performance metrics that easily identify areas requiring attention, with customizable alerts based on user preference, and medication cost benchmarking capabilities to the DRG level as well as drill-down capabilities to the National Drug Code (NDC) and physician levels.

Our Antibiotic Analytics module provides actionable data and insights for pharmacy leaders by tracking and trending antibiotic use and susceptibility. Users can drill-down to antimicrobial utilization trending, top drugs, IV-to-PO percentages, top antimicrobial opportunities, organism trends, and more.

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