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Group Purchasing Organization Contracts Optimization Service

Achieve cost savings and reduce time spent analyzing Group Purchasing Organization data and reports.

We help you analyze drug purchases to identify savings opportunities so you can drive maximum value from your Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) contracts. 

Cardinal Health’s dedicated team of portfolio management experts analyze and identify the savings opportunities for you, based on your individual criteria.


  • Rapid identification of savings opportunities
  • Less time needed to analyze reports
  • Improved capabilities to track and measure Group Purchasing Organization savings identified, savings implemented, and opportunity remaining
  • Access to dedicated portfolio management experts with extensive purchasing and analytics experience
  • Average savings of 50 – 90 basis points

Available services

Decision support services:

  • Analysis of contracting opportunities
  • Tier Max: Review market share status to ensure tiers are met
  • Opportunity Buy: Evaluate best price (i.e., brand to generic, generic to generic)
  • Investment Buy: Recommend buying forward prior to price increase

Audit and recovery services:

  • Invoice Price Verification: Confirm receipt of Group Purchasing Organization contracted prices and recoup dollars owed through credit/rebill process
  • Tier Audit: Evaluate market share tier placement for accuracy
  • Failure to Supply: Recover dollars owed because contracted vendor could not supply drug

How we can help

From community hospitals to large health systems, we customize solutions and reach targeted savings. To learn more about Group Purchasing Organization cost savings opportunities at your hospital, contact us today. 

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