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Pharmacy Product Master Services

Ensure medication utilization and charging data accuracy through a comprehensive review and update of the Pharmacy Product Master.

Our experience shows that the average Pharmacy Product Master has 765 NDC mismatches between purchases and utilization identified per month.

Hospitals must maintain an accurate Pharmacy Product Master to support billing and decision support systems. However, maintenance is often neglected because it requires health care providers to have up-to-date knowledge of complex charging and billing requirements. Moreover, it is time consuming to ensure consistent, current and accurate medication descriptions and pricing data.

Significant variances between medication purchases and utilization may indicate problems related to charging systems, data transfers, diversion, sub-optimal inventory management practices, or waste. We help customers quickly analyze the accuracy and variations of their pharmacy and financial systems data through a comprehensive review and update of the Pharmacy Product Master. As a result, customers benefit from improved patient charge processing, reimbursement submissions, bedside barcoding verification, and 340B split inventory billing.

We maintain a dedicated staff of Pharmacy Product Master data experts who can help customers efficiently update and maintain accurate electronic pharmacy item master files, which is essential for meaningful decision support for the pharmacy.

How we can help

We can customize the focus and scope of our Pharmacy Product Master Services based on your facility's needs. With our Pharmacy Product Master Maintenance, we can provide a Purchase versus Utilization audit that includes an updated Pharmacy Product Master report file, a review of HCPCS data, and/or patient price modeling.

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