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Case Study

Changing the Standard of Care

When faced with developing a new model of care, HackensackUMC partnered with Cardinal Health to develop a leading-edge bedside prescription concierge service aimed at improving post-discharge outcomes.

Terry Copeland, RPh, MBA, MPH

Product Leader

As a recognized leader for innovation in healthcare delivery, Hackensack University Medical Center (HackensackUMC) has a tradition of implementing new programs to raise the standard of healthcare. For HackensackUMC, the bedside discharge prescription program was originally designed for cardiac patients post-surgery.

“We initially requested this service because of the critical need for post-discharge medication compliance by our [cardiac] stent patients; we knew they’d end up back in the hospital if their medical therapy was interrupted,” says HackensackUMC’s Division of Cardiac Services Dr. Louis Teicholz.


The Solution

HackensackUMC partners with Cardinal Health to manage its outpatient pharmacy, which serves both employees and discharge patients. This pharmacy would also be responsible for developing a bedside prescription concierge service.

To implement this service, Cardinal Health deployed a dedicated pharmacy technician to the patient care areas to participate in morning rounds each day. The technician is informed of all planned patient discharges for the day, and visits each patient to explain the program and allow the patient to choose to participate. If the patient agrees, the technician expedites the filling of discharge prescriptions and delivers them to floor nurses, who then deliver both the medications and the needed education to patients. The technician carries a mobile tablet for obtaining necessary signatures electronically as well as prescription copayments.

As a result, the patient leaves the hospital with medications in-hand, without having to make any stops along the way home, and is able to take the medications without delays or interruptions.


of patients have elected to participate in the concierge program with more than 4,000 prescriptions filled by the outpatient pharmacy.
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