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Remote Pharmacy

Unlock your pharmacists’ full potential with a remote pharmacy solution.

By partnering with Cardinal Health, hospital pharmacists can relieve the burden of cumbersom order entry and spend more time where it matters most – with your patients.
Built on the idea of maximizing pharmacy performance and elevating the standard of patient care, our cost-effective business solutions can be tailored to meet the needs of any healthcare organization—large or small. Our advanced service and technology solutions enable you to expand pharmacy services beyond the four walls of the pharmacy in both acute and retail settings. Rethink your pharmacy operations so you can focus on what matters most: the patient.


Providers rely on Cardinal Health Remote Pharmacy Services


 orders processed annually


Support, and a unique structure that is innately flexible—offering temporary, emergency or vacation coverage to meet your needs.

Our suite of services

Remote Order Entry Service

We provide inpatient remote medication order entry and review by highly trained clinical pharmacists.

Retail Telepharmacy Software

Open or expand your outpatient pharmacy operations to capture more revenue and provide better patient care.

Medication Order Management System

Improve staff productivity and the quality of care for your patient with one easy-to-use medication order management tool.

Managing transitions of care: Is the investment in an outpatient pharmacy worth it?

 Investing in an outpatient retail pharmacy helps improve transitions of care, establish new revenue streams and reduce the overall cost of care. 

24x7 pharmacy coverage: which model is best for your hospital?

Learn about how a hospital can determine if remote pharmacy services can be a cost effective approach to providing 24x7 pharmacy coverage and how to determine the best remote pharmacy model.

Hospital Rx: A pharmacy stop at the patient bedside

Learn about a bedside concierge discharge program

Maximizing the value of remote pharmacy services

Additional considerations for remote pharmacy services including pricing models and quality assurance programs.