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Remote Order Entry Service

Empower your hospital pharmacy to elevate the standard of patient care. 

When hospital pharmacies are in need of additional support, most turn to Cardinal Health Remote Order Entry Service. As a leading provider in the country, our service provides a cost-effective alternative for supplemental, peak-hour coverage, or off-peak to redeploy their pharmacists’ time and focus from order entry to clinical services and care.

We provide remote medication order entry and review - any time of day or night - by licensed pharmacists who are trained on your hospital’s policies and procedures, giving your pharmacists the opportunity to focus on what is more important - the patient.

Key benefits

Efficient Redeployment

Cardinal Health Remote Order Entry Service allows your pharmacy to redeploy staff resources to allow more time for clinical services and care. With more attention given in the clinical space, your pharmacists will be leaders in reducing readmissions, increasing HCAHPS scores and improve operational efficiencies.


Cost savings in lieu of hiring own staff

24/7 Coverage

Our Remote Order Entry Service centers are staffed by pharmacists around the clock to provide you with supplemental coverage. Supplemental coverage can be so crucial during new technology implementations and medication reconciliation. Let our team be your wings and support you with the additional resources needed during these times.


Our solution provides an array of robust reports to highlight productivity and measure success against clinical and quality metrics.

Video Verification

Our solution provides the option to leverage video verification technology to enable pharmacy technician and nurse supervision. Video verification can also be used to verify patients’ home medications.


Cardinal Health Remote Order Entry Service complies with all regulatory and state licensure requirements and The Join Commission's quality measures.
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