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Retail Telepharmacy Software

Expand your pharmacists’ reach and create new revenue streams.

Hospitals and health systems are using TelePharm’s cloud-based software platform to expand pharmacy services to outpatient sites at the point of care. A licensed brick-and-mortar outpatient telepharmacy is a safe and secure alternative to traditional outpatient, discharge or retail pharmacy. TelePharm’s user-friendly software is cost-effective, improves access to pharmacists, can help increase first-fill adherence and improve overall patient satisfaction.
TelePharm’s HIPAA-compliant software enables remote pharmacy services and secure patient counseling — both of which empower healthcare organizations to provide all the care and services of a traditional pharmacy.
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Key benefits

  • Helps expand your retail pharmacy business and serve more patients cost-effectively
  • Operates sustainably in areas where a traditional pharmacy would not be feasible
  • Provides patients in medically underserved areas access to a pharmacist and pharmacy
  • Allows you to maximize resources with a collaborative staffing model
  • Can help increase first-fill adherence and improve health outcomes at the point of care
  • Creates opportunities to generate revenue with minimal investment

Did you know?

75% of patients would fill their prescriptions in their doctor’s office instead of a pharmacy if given the choice.[1]

[1] Patient Attitudes toward Point-of-Care Medication Dispensing in a Primary Care Office Setting. July 19-22, 2007 by Opinion Research Corporation on behalf of Purkinje.

Cardinal Health recently acquired TelePharm, an industry-leading outpatient telepharmacy solution, to strengthen and expand its remote pharmacy capabilities.

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