At Cardinal Health, our supply chain expertise can help fix inventory challenges for healthcare providers.

Cardinal Health™ Inventory Management Solutions

Effective inventory management is about much more than keeping the shelves stocked.

Complete visibility

Our RFID-enabled, cloud-based software platform is the key to our success. This enterprise solution can put an entire integrated delivery network (IDN) on one platform for complete visibility. With our Integrated Advanced Analytics connecting the dots, we can combine technologies to match your hospital’s unique needs and address your most important inventory and workflow challenges in the operating room, cath lab, EP and nursing floor.

We also seamlessly integrate with your existing IT systems to create customized, accurate and workflow-friendly solutions for implantables, high value medical devices, med-surg products, sutures, orthopedics and other medical items.

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Our products

By continuously reading inventory in real-time, our Smart Cabinets deliver greater control, accuracy and convenience and are ideal for tracking and managing high-cost implantables. Our Smart Wand is well-suited for managing mid- to high-cost medical surgical supplies while leveraging your existing facility set-up.

Point, scan and improve your inventory management. This easy-to-implement tool saves time, improves accuracy, increases efficiency and more. It’s ideal for managing low-cost items that require each-level tracking.

This is the key to our program. Part of our cloud-based software platform, Integrated Advanced Analytics uncovers trends, waste, standardization opportunities and other actionable insights. This tool saves time, supports informed decision-making, enables negotiations for greater savings, identifies utilization changes (by physicians, manufacturers, product types and more) and manages across your entire enterprise on a single platform.

The right supplies, the right amount, right where they’re needed. This lean management tool eliminates over- and under-stocking of bulk low-cost inventory, while also streamlining workflows and cutting unnecessary steps.

Capture data right away with our point-of-use stations. This tool makes it easy for clinicians to record critical usage information at the point of care, automatically adjusting inventory, capturing accurate charges for billing and clinical documentation systems and creating implant logs.

Our modules seamlessly integrate with your existing HIS/EMR systems, billing systems, clinical documentation systems and materials management systems, helping promote interoperability while reducing errors and eliminating data redundancy.

Optimized Inventory Management

Our customized solutions can help reduce cost and improve clinical workflows.

Expiration and Recall Management

Real-time alerts and “first-in, first-out” usage helps you identify expired or recalled products before they reach your patients.

Orthopedic Management

We offer a better way to manage your orthopedic products.

Usage Capture for Revenue Optimization and Analytics

We deliver an accurate and comprehensive picture of your supply usage to enable revenue optimization and robust analytics.

Tissue and Implant Management

We help hospitals meet strict Joint Commission standards for tissue tracking by helping to ensure the chain of custody.