Suture Management

We help ORs better manage their clinically sensitive suture inventories.

Our suture management program addresses your critical supply challenges with sutures such as par level optimization, usage tracking and cycle counts.

Right-size your suture inventory

Operating rooms must keep a wide variety of sutures on hand. Many factors—the patient, the procedure, the condition and the size of the incision—affect what type of stitches a surgeon uses. Physicians have their own preferences, adding an even more significant obstacle to maintaining a cost-effective supply of these clinically sensitive items.

Cardinal HealthTM Inventory Management Solutions offers tools to prevent overspending on sutures. Our suture management program can assist in both waste reduction and cut costs while also helping to ensure you meet your critical suture inventory obligation: the right product, the right time, the right quantity, the right location. We also can help you:

  • Create a more efficient process for returning sutures
  • Offer visibility of expired sutures
  • Allow for accurate charge capture  
  • Save time and increase accuracy in the reordering process
  • Alert staff to usage fluctuations or stock-outs through advanced analytics
  • Eliminate cycle counts

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