Tissue and Implant Management

We help hospitals meet strict Joint Commission standards for tissue tracking by helping to ensure the chain of custody.

Cardinal HealthTM Inventory Management Solutions can help your facility meet this important regulatory requirement. We deliver an intuitive, cost-effective way to manage the chain of custody for tissue and surgical implants. This system builds on our philosophy of compliant and efficient clinical workflows and encompasses both non-ambient tissue tracking (including freezers and cryogenic storage) as well as ambient tracking.

Using our cloud-based software, we offer real-time data on tissues and implants through several critical stages and functions:

  • Receiving implants (the creation of a digital implantation card)
  • Cycle counting and tracking
  • Usage capture (completion of digital implant card)
  • Alerts and reporting (manage expirations, recalls and adverse events)
  • Manufacturers can have visibility to supply information


Our Tissue and Implant Management program helps you:

  • Adhere to Joint Commission tissue-tracking requirements
  • View accurate real-time inventory data from RFID-enabled tools
  • Automatically count ambient tissue with secure Smart Cabinets
  • Prevent redundant data entries and errors through data that feeds directly into EMRs and other systems
  • Access direct documentation of tissue and biological implant receipts
  • Utilize advanced analytics to assist in the optimization of par levels


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Tissue and implant management workflow

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