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Usage Capture for Revenue Optimization and Analytics

Our point-of-use stations and Integrated Advanced Analytics deliver key insights into your supply usage.

Track data at the point of care so you can bill appropriately

Our point-of-use stations monitor consumption in real-time. Clinicians log supplies as they’re used at the point of care with this simple tool that most nurses and technologists can master in 15 minutes. The point-of-use stations allow you to immediately capture the usage of the products used so you can bill quickly and accurately. The solution—ideal for high-cost supplies and implantables—also can help you:

  • Identify expired and recalled products
  • Interface with clinical documentation, ordering and billing systems
  • Locate products

Usage data for informed decision-making

Now that you’ve captured the usage information, our Integrated Advanced Analytics—part of our cloud-based software platform—uses real-time data to reduce waste, improve efficiency and uncover major supply chain savings. This tool identifies exactly what items physicians and patients are using which helps you:

  • Better understand physician preferences and costs by tracking utilization
  • Identify cost reduction opportunities by hospital, product and integrated delivery network
  • Align medical device inventory with clinical use
  • Improve inventory turns
  • Improve contract compliance

Learn more about Advanced Analytics

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