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Automation Optimization

Quickly identify opportunities to improve the performance of your Automated Dispensing Machines.

The Automation Optimization solution rapidly identifies areas for improvement within your Automated Dispensing Machines (ADMs). Our Automation Optimization experts make recommendations, based on industry best practices to reduce stock-outs, reduce excess refills and increase medication availability. Through the use of either a reporting tool that you have in place, or a tool provided as part of the Automation Optimization solution, our experts design a customized plan to help your hospital achieve balance between the inventory stored in ADMs and the labor required to maintain it, so you can capitalize on the investment you have made within the ADM System.

Key benefits:

  • Reduce stock outs
  • Reduce excess refills
  • Increase medication availability
  • Reduce non-value-added activities related to managing ADM inventory
  • Leverage automation reporting tools to full capacity

50% reduction in stockouts

1.3MB – PDF

$9,784,000 total savings to date

888KB – PDF
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