Flexible SPD Consignment Programs

Flexible Consignment Programs

Ensuring critical specialty products and medications are available when patients need them

Cardinal Health Specialty Pharmaceutical Distribution (SPD) provides innovative and flexible Consignment Programs that are designed around your pharmacy’s unique needs.

SPD Consignment product cycle

  • Par levels are determined and SPD consignment product is shipped to your facility.
  • SPD consignment product is received into your inventory and available for use.
  • SPD consignment product is removed from your inventory and dispensed as needed.
  • SPD consignment product is reordered, based on established par levels and shipped overnight for next business day delivery.

Reconciliations are completed to generate an invoice for all SPD consignment products dispensed during a reconciliation period.

SPD Consignment Program Benefits

  • Improve budget control
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs
  • Gain visibility into real-time item level inventory
  • Eliminate waste from expired medications
  • Increase control with track and trace technology

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