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OptiFreight® Logistics, a leader in freight and materials management solutions for healthcare providers

OptiFreight® Logistics

Healthcare providers face lots of tough decisions when it comes to reducing cost. Freight and materials management shouldn’t be one of them.

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Every day, direct freight, large and small, come in and out of your facilities. Medical supplies. Patient records. Equipment. Some shipments come from your distributor, but for many facilities, more than half come direct from manufacturers and suppliers.* And with each direct shipment comes freight charges—shipping fees on top of product costs; charges that add up. Think of it as a basic cost of doing business? Think again.

As a leader in freight management we:

  • Save you 30 – 50 percent per shipment on average+
  • Manage more than 14 million shipments per year+
  • Serve more than 27,000 healthcare locations+
  • Provide visibility into freight spend through advanced analytics
  • Save you money on shipments you’re already receiving today

Analyzing direct shipping costs may not be top of mind, but your hospital, healthcare system, surgical center or other acute facility could be missing real freight savings by ignoring these expenses. Because all those small charges add up to real costs. You can’t avoid the need to ship, but you can avoid paying too much when you do.

As a member of the program, you benefit from our deep experience, proprietary tools, strong supplier relationships and dedicated team of more than 200 freight management experts. Our team makes implementing the freight management program throughout your organization as easy as possible. There’s little risk, a high return on your investment and no impact on patient care. It’s a comprehensive solution for your unique freight needs.

Connect with us to learn how OptiFreight® Logistics can deliver real freight savings to your business.

*Based on internal Cardinal Health healthcare industry analysis and estimates.
+Based on shipments through OptiFreight® Logistics during January 1–December 31, 2015. Individual savings may vary.

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OptiFreight® Logistics can reduce your direct inbound shipping costs throughout your facility.


OptiFreight® Logistics helps your employees—from the C-suite to the loading dock—implement better outbound shipping practices.